Jimmy Jackfish Ice Fishing Derby  Rules

Promoters and organizations assisting in the derby operation, their agencies and agents are not responsible for death, injury, damage liability, theft or fire on any entries. Each entrant, upon entering the derby, is in effect, signing a waiver form.  The Jimmy Jackfish ice fishing derby will be from 12 NOON to 3:00 P.M.  Only fish entered during these times will qualify.  Contestant will be allowed to enter the derby site prior to the start, however No person will be allowed to chum the fishing hole of their choice or place their hook in the water prior to the start of the Derby.  If the contestant is caught with any  violations, they will be disqualified and asked to leave with no refund.  The Derby Official’s decision shall be final.  No other person can be considered as spokesperson for the rules during the derby. 

-          No person will be allowed to bait the fishing hole of their choice or place their hook in the water prior to the start of the Derby;



  • Must have a valid MB Fishing Licence or Treaty Status ID card in possession;

  • Must have a valid Jimmy Jackfish entry ticket to enter the derby boundary – this card must be visible at all times;  NO PHOTOGRAPHS OF TICKETS ARE ALLOWED TO ENTER THE DERBY, with the exception of e=tickets;

  • Must act as true sportsperson – unruly actions will not be tolerated; YOU WILL BE ESCORTED TO LEAVE;

  • Must be in the area of their line at all times;

  • Is responsible for their own catch.  Under no circumstances may anyone else handle the fish. (Derby officials or a delegate may assist with handling fish);

  • Must carry their FISH IN A PAIL to the weigh station;

  • Rubber “Knobby gloves” are not allowed;

  • Children under the age of 5 free – however if the parents or guardians want them to take part in the prizes they MUST have a derby ticket to qualify;

  • Should bring CHISEL to open hole;


The Jimmy Jackfish Ice Fishing Derby will be restricted to the boundaries determined and marked by the board. Only fish that are caught with a barbless hook in the usual manner will be allowed. 

During the derby announcements will be made of the largest fish caught.    Competitors are required to measure their fish at their location and to only bring it to the weight station if the length is greater than what is already been announced.

Damaged or Dead fish will not be eligible for a prize;

  • Prizes will be based on length;  In case of a tie, the time of catch will be used (earlier time will win the tie);

  • NO CHUMMING is allowed prior to start time;

  • NO fish huts, tents, or covering of any type are allowed;

  • NO vehicles are allowed in the fishing area. Parking areas are provided;

  • NO practice fishing allowed 14 days  prior to Jimmy Jackfish Derby Day;

  • NO live bait is allowed;

  • No outside alcohol allowed on the Derby site.

 All rules have loop holes:  It is the intention of the Derby Board to provide an honest sportsperson-like derby.  In the interest of good sportsperson-ship, entrants are reminded that the “Spirit of the Rule” will prevail in all judgement cases.

-photographs will be taken at the derby, entry onto the derby site is considered consent to use photographs and video for promotional purposed by the derby and various media.

copyright JimmyJackFishDerby  2019