Jimmy Jackfish Derby is held annually at the Rocky Lake East Shore Boat Launch just 50 kilometers north of The Pas. Our site is easy to find, head north from The Pas on Highway # 10 and watch for the signs. If you are coming from the north, The turn off is about 7 kilometers south of Wanless on the right- again watch for the signs.  There is ample parking along the road near derby registration gate.   Every year the fishers catch over 200 fish of all species so your chance is great to win a prize.  And there are many prizes given out thanks to our wonderful sponsors. The top three prizes are $20,000, $7,000 and $3,000 for the 1st, 2nd and third biggest (by length) Jackfish  ( Northern Pike)! There is also a side bet for Wilma Walleye which paid out $1090. The 50-50 draw which totaled over $3000 (2018).  


Tickets for the derby remain at $80 but when you buy the early bird ticket you get a Free second hole ticket AND get to go on the ice early!   The Pas Kinsmen and Midwest Karate Club partner with us to provide food and drink for all     

 Save the date, buy your ticket early either at one of our retailers or online and come out to try your luck to catch the big one!                                                                                                                         


     All proceeds from the derby benefit various community enhancement projects including recycling and fishing. Several community groups also benefit from the derby including:

The Pas Kinsmen,   Midwest  Karate Club, Rocky Lake East Shore Association                  

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