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Jimmy Jackfish Derby is held annually at the Rocky Lake East Shore Boat Launch just 50 kilometers north of The Pas.   Every year the fishers catch over 200 fish of all species so your chance is great to win a prize.  And there are many prizes given out thanks to our wonderful sponsors.

This year, because of the Health Orders we cannot have an in-person derby but we know you still want to derby fish!  So we are going virtual with the derby.  

You can fish on any lake in the area north of the 53 parallel in Manitoba


All fish must be entered via the FishDonkey app on your smart phone.


What you need to do:

1- download and register with FishDonkey

2-Search for the JimmyJackfishDerby

3-Make sure you have a bumpboard- available at retail outlets like our sponsor Petes Pro Tackle

4- Fish during the derby times

5-Catch a fish and make sure you take photos of the fish on the bump board clearly showing its length. Make sure the nose is touching the end of the bumpboard

6-Take some action shots of you holding the fish

7-take a video of you releasing the fish and it swimming away live down the hole

Note: Taking photos and videos may take some practice, so do that before the derby

Note: Judges decisions are final- any fish not touching the bump on the board will be disqualified. Any fish not deemed to be alive when released will be disqualified. +++Please Protect Our Resource+++

8- Enter the length on the app.  Verification will take place by the judges

     All proceeds from the derby benefit various community enhancement projects including recycling and fishing.                   

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